Class Descriptions

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+ Unplug

Our Signature Unplug Meditation Class is 45 minutes (but feels like 30) and is guided by our inspirational teachers. Through breath and/or body awareness you will easily connect with the present moment. Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Accept what is and learn techniques you can carry throughout your day. This is meditation reinvented for the minimalist.

+ Unplug 30

Our Signature Unplug Meditation Class shortened to 30 minutes. Great opportunity to squeeze in a meditation before you go to work, during your lunch break or before you go home. Whether you are new to meditation or have an existing practice, this class is the perfect morning or afternoon dose of quiet. Simplify your practice, release your week, and get clear for a wonderful weekend ahead.


You will learn how to use the silent repetition of a singular sound to release deep-rooted stresses, leaving you in a calmed and rested state.


Crystal clear guided visualizations that will aid you in connecting to your inner self and deepest desires.


This class, set to modern playlists (think Cold Play and more), teaches a breathing technique that is sure to create more balance and harmony in the body. The breath unlocks stuck energy and other stresses stored in the body which allows one to tune into their own healing needs and abilities. Results are often described as greater mental clarity, deep relaxation and bliss. It's a wild ride. We love it! Just breathe. It is that simple.


Think acupuncture without the needles and hypnosis without closing your eyes. Some people think it's a little corny to tap your face and repeat words, but they magically find their doughnut cravings disappear and more powerful effects that last. Trust us. It works.


This class will include simple mindfulness-based practices that can be easily used anytime to help kids with attention, emotional regulation, and compassion for self, others, and the world around them. This class is great for adults of all ages, and for kids 8 and up


Unplug Meditation for Kids! 3 week series class that introduces the ABC's of Mindfulness - Attention, Balance (emotional) and Compassion. Your child will learn effective life skills and strategies in a fun, developmentally appropriate way to help improve attention, self-regulation, and compassion for self, others and the world around them. Taught by Laurie Cousins, Director of Unplug Kids and trained Mindfulness facilitator through the Inner Kids Program, founded by Susan Kaiser Greenland who wrote the book "The Mindful Child - How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate."


This is our experimental class of the week. Always a surprise. Always interesting. Great opportunity to check out new and specialized teachers. Anything goes.


The sounds and vibrations of a crystal quartz bowl, tibetan sound bowls and gongs combined with the soothing voice of your teacher, will coax you into a meditative state. A truly unique experience! Feel the vibration and transend the mind. This is a special class and is $24.


A special gemstone indulgence just for Unplug Meditation. Crystals carry their own unique vibration which can be used to harmonize and balance our energy. The process is deeply soothing and the results are energizing and empowering.
In this passive meditation, you'll lie comfortably, drifting off to a relaxing guided meditation and peaceful soundtrack. Using her sensitivity to energy, Jona will hand select crystals from her collection of hundreds to place on your body. You will then soak in the healing vibration of semi-precious gems.


Learn everything you can about the properties of the crystal of the week. Camilla will select a special crystal to focus on and each meditator will connect with their individual stone. Get ready to get smart and develop intuition. This a great class to pair with Unplug Healing.


Enjoy a heart opening meditation class designed to uplift your spirit and energy while simultaneously opening and balancing the chakras. The Guide will intuitively select an essential oil blend to use during the class that will be inhaled and applied to each person. This class will include a guided meditation to open the class. Soothing music will be played while in passive meditation.


Every week connect with your soul and purpose and explore how to heal yourself through different modalities: Reiki, qi gong, color therapy, visualization, crystals, aromatherapy, and more. Walk away with the tools for self practice.


Chakras are energetic wheels found throughout the entire body. You have seven main energy centers along the central nervous system, or spine. These chakras correlate to physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects mirrored in every area of our lives. This meditation will dive into each of the chakras to unlock, inform and reveal their power to spread energy, throughout the entire body. The purpose of this meditation is to reveal where you may feel blocked in order to unleash your fullest potential. No experience required. Please come in comfortable attire.


Meditate on harnessing intuition and learn how to listen and trust your gut; how to do this for yourself, by tapping into and focusing on your intuition, a state we can all achieve. We all have a knowing- It’s really just a question of whether we’re willing to acknowledge and honor what we know, and act on it in a positive way.